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"Barcelona fue la ciudad que vio nacer a Dionisos, la firma hostelera que ha extendido lo mejor de la gastronomia griega por nuestro pais. Y por eso es en su restaurante de Aribau donde se concentra lo mejor de una nueva etapa que, fiel a las recetas tradicionales, quiere ampliar su oferta culinaria para hacer de la visita del comensal un viaje a traves de los sentidos al pais heleno..." Shanguide, Julio 2012
Dionisos Aribau in Miniguide

Greek restaurateurs Dionisos welcome a new addition to the family this month with their fifth Barcelona restaurant, now open on Aribau. Dionisos has long been a familiar name in Barcelona; founded by Athens native Ioannis Golias in 1994, the chain has grown to include restaurants on Urgell, Valencia, Torrent de l’Olla and Marquès de Argentera, in addition to the new Aribau branch, a Sitges takeaway, and two successful locations in Madrid. Offering the food and friendly atmosphere you might find in Crete or Rhodes, the restaurants are known for their excellent cuisine and bona fide Greek vibe. Indeed, everything about Dionisos is 100% Greek. Designed by Greek architect Minos, the company’s new restaurant on Aribau would look at home in Mykonos or Santorini: the building is bright, airy and Mediterranean, decorated with light wooden furnishings, whitewashed walls and pale blue tiles, and featuring an open kitchen and shelves stacked with top quality Greek ingredients. Eager to bring the best of their country to Barcelona, Ioannis and his team import many of the finest products Greece has to offer: sausages from the Metsovo mountains, Kalamata olives, Ouzo and Feta cheese, paksimadi bread, traditional sweet wines, Greek yogurt, and much more. They are also set to release their own range of Greek favorites such as Tzatziki, Melitzanosalata (roasted eggplant, garlic and parsley) and Pasta Elias (olive paste spread), due to go on sale in their own restaurants and in gourmet food shops later this year. Though they use only the best ingredients, Dionisos remains accessible and excellent value, with starters and salads priced at 6 to 8 euros and mains at 9 to 12 euros. Recommended dishes include homemade ecological pasta (hilopites), original or vegetarian Moussaka, and the Garides mikrolimano (prawns sautéed in Ouzo). Special menus include a 10 euro weekday lunch, a 15 euro dinner from Monday to Thursday and a kids’ menu at just 9.50 euros. Run with passion, Dionisos aims to introduce its clientele not only to the food but also to the rich culture of its beautiful homeland. Contact the restaurant for details of their Greek parties – complete with traditional dance and breaking of plates – or simply head to one of their locations restaurant to enjoy a taste of Greece in a warm setting. Miniguide, July 2012
Dionisos Madrid | OnMadrid

"El griego de moda rompe moldes por su decoración sobria y sus precios ajustados. Platos tradicionales como las hojas de parra rellenas de arroz y la mousaka, junto a otros de los que nunca has oido hablar, como el pasticho o el imam. Si te preguntas cómo es un restaurante de la zona moderna de Atenas, puedes descubrir la respuesta aqui." OnMadrid, Junio 2012
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